Triaster offers process mapping services delivered by a Triaster accredited consultant

Process Mapping

Triaster's process mapping and process map conversion services are delivered by a Triaster accredited consultant using Process Navigator software.

Desktop Process Navigator software can also be purchased by Triaster platform customers only.

For process mapping and Process Navigator pricing please click here.

Process Navigator Features

  Desktop Process Mapping software
  Create processes in Microsoft Visio: using Triaster Traditional, Triaster Custom, BPMN, Basic Flowchart, Audit Diagram...templates
  Native support for Microsoft Visio diagrams (No import necessary)
  Create processes in Microsoft Excel
  Add custom shapes
  Store bespoke metrics behind shapes
  Generate next level/top level views
  Hyperlink to documents, videos, audio, web pages
  Integral drill-down
  Automated off-page connectors to related processes
  Export/import through Microsoft Excel
  Batch update of hyperlinks across multiple process maps
  Batch update of data across multiple process maps
  Create Excel Data Managers to manage the metrics stored on shapes
  Develop multiple data managers for batch updates
  Synchronise map data across multiple Libraries simultaneously
  Create Process Hierarchy (node tree diagrams)
  Batch update of Visio shapes across multiple process maps
  Generate end-to-end diagrams
  Generate Planning Charts
  Export to Microsoft Project
  Export/import through XML
  Export to Microsoft Access

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