Triaster is a Business Process Management (BPM) platform offering three great systems to choose from according to your goals

What's your challenge?

Basic Process Management

Process mapping
Process sharing
Process approach
Quality certification
Knowledge retention
Health and Safety and Environment

Business Management

Quality management
Change management
Operational excellence
Information management
Business and IT alignment
Process control and governance

Business Improvement

Reducing waste
Improving quality
Increasing revenue
Increasing efficiency
Continual improvement
Business transformation

Triaster has the system to meet your needs:



A low cost, entry level system for organisations looking for process mapping with basic process management

Extremely easy to use drag and drop process mapping software
An easy to understand, easy to use, secure website, intelligently presenting all processes, policies, forms and guidance documents
One central source of accurate information giving process visibility and transparency for unlimited viewers
billed annually

Recommended set-up £500
For full details on Triaster platform pricing please click here

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A fully integrated business management system for embedding or reinforcing a process culture at the heart of your organisation

Everything in Start-Up
The governance framework and functionality to support all major quality standards and accreditations
Strong process control and automated review and approvals workflow
billed annually

Recommended on-boarding £14,040
For full details on Triaster platform pricing please click here



The ultimate Business Process Management system for organisations implementing business and continual improvement

Everything in STANDARD
Process optimisation modelling
Continual improvement framework
Advanced reporting for business analysis
Quantification of return on investment
billed annually

Recommended on-boarding £17,550
For full details on Triaster platform pricing please click here

Triaster has the services to meet your needs:


Set-up Package Only

Start-Up is a low cost, self service system with 1 from a choice of 4 pre-designed Process Library skins

Relevant additional services can be purchased



12 Day On-boarding Package

2 days "Getting Started" training, including menu editing and 1 from a choice of 4 pre-designed Process Library skins

6 days consultancy to help populate your Process Library and get up and running

Library Administration and Approvals Workflow training (2 days)

Project Management (2 days)



15 Day On-boarding Package

All the STANDARD on-boarding services

Process Metrics training (2 days)

Introduction to Continual Improvement (1 day)


Additional Services Offered

Design services Cost
Bespoke Front-end (Home Page) design £10,000 per design
Process Map Stencil and Template customisation (Basic and Standard options) £2,000 Basic/£4,000 Standard per customisation
Data Visualisations Time & Materials basis

Professional services
Facilitated Discovery workshops £1,300 per workshop
Process Mapping services £1,300 per day
Conversion Mapping services £1,300 per day
Library Governance and Content Change Control Framework £10,000 per framework
Education programme £4,000 per programme
Communications package (Basic and Standard options) £4,000 Basic/£8,000 Standard package
Centre of Excellence £24,000 per package

Process Mapping (Public and On-site options) £500 per attendee
Library Administration and Approvals Workflow £2,000 per workshop
Process Metrics £2,000 per workshop

Technical services
Mobile devices enablement and technical services £1,000 per project
Report creation and customisation Time & Materials basis
Analytics enablement £1,300 per server
On-Premises Server set up and enablement £500 for 1st server
Disconnected Server Enablement £400 per library
Search customisation and SharePoint integration Time & Materials basis
Multiple Library architecture £16,000 per project
Software feature customisation Time & Materials basis

General consultancy services £1,000 per day
Priority Support £5,000 per annum
Project Management £1,300 per day
Some of these service options are not relevant for add-on to all three Systems.

Example Process Libraries

Each of the Triaster systems deliver an (or several) easy to understand, easy to use, secure websites, intelligently presenting all your processes, policies, forms and guidance documents. We call these Process Libraries. Have a look at a couple of examples here:

Example customer homepage designs

Triaster know that the design of the Process Library homepage is key for its uptake by end-users; therefore, we offer a bespoke design service, included as standard for new customers, to ensure your design reflects your business and how you work. Take a look at some of our customers' homepage designs.

View the entire showcase

ITSM Library

IT Services Library

Triaster offer a fully populated IT Services Management Library. This is Triaster's first pre-populated Process Library, which has been developed in partnership with OBM IT Consultancy, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) experts.

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